• WAV celebrating 4 years for launching Wavojobs

  • WAV celebrating 4 years for launching Wavojobs – a developed online resource which it started in 2009 (www.wavojobs.com) as a link between Palestinian women jobseekers and employers (the site continually lists the newest job postings by category, while serving as a repository of CVs for prospective employers, as well as providing resources for job-seekers).

During the past 4 years there were published more than 2500 unemployed academic women across the country registered on the website who has submitted CV's, from different fields: lawyers, social workers, teachers, banking etc. Those send their resumes to match a job opportunity; there are even men registered with the website, showing that it is now considered an address for job searches. In addition there were more than 2900 published vacancies from both public and privet sectors.