Women and Media Program


The project envisioned as a complement to the Association's own work in dismissing a feminist message and fostering critical dialogue around the status of women across the Palestinian minority in Israel, was designed to mobilize women activists from all across the country and train them to use the media to promote these messages, especially on the subject of gender based violence. June, 2015 the association held the event of signing the Equality pact with local councils to promote women rights in employment, to live without violence and to be represented in the decision making cycles, the conference was held in the Gardenia hotel- Nazareth, in the conference hall the photos of the Women and Media project was presented. The participants were there to present their photos and to answer any questions from the audience regards their experience within the project and the photos.

Moreover the project coordinator Samar Abu Kirshin stated the rich experience that she as a coordinator gained from coordinating this project with the participants who reflected passion within their photography for the final products.

Special thanks to the Feminist Review Trust for supporting this project to promote the status of women and to fight gender based violence through photography