The “Know Her” Campaign



The “Know Her” Campaign


We, at Women against Violence, believe that women have a different discourse in all life domains: in arts and politics, at work and in the private and public spheres. Women have their own vision, say and impact on all issues; therefore, they have the right to represent other women and to raise their voice, so that we may create a society based on social justice and equal opportunities.


We are launching the “Know Her” campaign that aims to celebrate the achievements of women leaders in different domains. This program will contribute to changing the common discourse on women’s potential, and to highlighting their successes, achievements and impact that have created so far a remarkable change in people’s perception of women’s roles in decision-making positions.


We know that we have not celebrated the achievements of the vast majority of women and feminist leaders; but we believe that this campaign is a phase within a long journey of activism undertaken by the feminist movement, which courageously addresses women’s issues and places them on the public agenda.

The campaign will include different activities, workshops and meetings to highlight the active role and the successful experience of women leaders, embodied in stories that will be presented through short films and publications.

We will also establish groups of community activists from different localities who will support and accompany women leaders to reach and impact different groups within our society, to enhance the representation of women in decision-making positions, to propagate the achievements of the women leaders, to encourage other women and enhance their representation in influential positions.

We also aim to urge the society to take responsibility for providing appropriate conditions for women’s active integration in decision-making positions.


The campaign will be supported by a poll examining society’s position towards women leaders, before and after the launching of the campaign and the success stories.


Through joint efforts, and upon achieving the campaigns’ goals that will highlight the role of all the participating women, we will change the campaign’s slogan from “Know Her” to “I know Her”.