Regional Networking
Post: 2009-05-04  

WAV is part of many groups and works alongside many organizations, we intent to continue to maintain these collaborations as they are crucial in reaching the association’s goals. WAV is part of :

1- The Working Group on the Status of Palestinian Women in Israel 

A coalition between Addalah, Human Rights Association., Altufula, Maan-Union of Naqab women,s organizations , and Kayan, dedicating its work for developing the shadow report to CEDAW committee in the UN on the status of the Palestinian women in Israel , advocating for the report and follow up on the implementation of the Israeli Government of the recommendations given by the Committee .

2- The Working Group for Personal Status Issues

a coalition of women’s and human rights groups including WAV. We have already started activating the work of this coalition for the Palestinian women’s personal status issues since 1995. The work of this group includes raising awareness of women’s rights, making family courts accessible to Palestinian women, raising the age of marriage in Israel to 18 and other projects related to personal status issues.

3- Mobadarah :

Coalition of Palestinian Organizations in Israel through the war on Lebanon in 2006 , to support the Palestinian society in Israel in emergency situations . The Coalition was busy in the last year in establishing an emergency center for the Palestinian society .

4- The Coalition for Sexuality and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies

 a international solidarity network of organizations, researchers and academics working to promote sexual, bodily and reproductive rights as human rights in Muslim Societies. CSBR includes members from Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yemen.

5- Salma :

Regional network of Arab women organizations against gender based violence , the network is under formulation and WAV is taking an active role together with women organizations from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine , Lebanon , Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeir, in creating an Arab regional women movement against Violence .through the last year Salma has conducted two training courses for its members one on Campaigns and advocacy skills and the other on Evaluation in addition to a regional conference on " Law to prevent domestic violence " .

6- Karama: Regional Network of women organizations from 8 Arab countries seeking to promote a feminist political women agenda in the region and bringing an authentic feminist analysis and voice of the Arab women to the international arena . through the network a report on the refugee Arab women was developed and submitted to the United Nations .