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In Women against Violence 25 years of feminist work, we have seen our projects make a great progress in promoting the status of the Palestinian women citizens of Israel and their rights, which has led to nothing short of revolutionary changes in public attitudes, laws, governance, and in the private sector and civil society. WAV is working to change how society think about gender and the meaning that they ascribe to it, and they have transformed how we understand violence, sexual assaults and rights, and what counts as work.


WAV is a multi-faceted women's rights organization and feminist activist that today stands at the forefront of work on behalf of Palestinian women citizens of Israel. Historically part of the vanguard of activism that saw the emergence of the movement for equality for Israel's Palestinian women citizens in the early 1990s, the association today stands at the apex of work to advance this significant portion of Israeli society─ leading the campaign to bring Palestinian women out into the workplace, increase their presence at all decision-making echelons across the country (from local councils to the national Higher Follow-Up Committee on Arab Affairs, to the Knesset itself), raising the profile of these issues definitively in the community, while operating the major services established for these women in the country (most of these at its own behest and initiative).


  The Association is this year looking to continue its work to (1) combat gender-based violence and (2) attitudes through ongoing professional service-provision and campaigning; to (3) continue its ongoing campaign to promote the entrance of substantial numbers of Palestinian women into the workforce, through work opposite employers and companies, infrastructure development through local councils and job training and education opportunities through official service channels and at the policy level;  and (4) its work to bring more Palestinian women into Israel's decision-making echelons, at every level. This is real, impact-driven social change: the fruits of the Association's (and the Palestinian women's movements) two decades of success, and the groundwork for what is gradually becoming a changed society.


With the great efforts of our staff and partners, we continue to work with passion and commitment to achieve social justice. WAV's efforts are among the most salient in the country, and much of its activity is undertaken at the official level as well, opposite governmental partners and target groups. At the same time, the Association is staunchly proud of its independence from official state supervision and control, and it is this platform that requires it to raise a large portion of its budget from independent sources each year.


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